TOP 10 Best Neopixel Lightsaber 2022 - Most Unique and Attractive.

Neopixel Lightsaber is becoming more popular around the world. Though it is costly people always want Neopixel Lightsaber. So I’d like to show you today the top 10 best Neopixel lightsabers in 2022 that are looking custom

This is only going to include pre-installed Neopixel lightsabers. These aren't going to include on you know empty hilts or saber smith custom pieces.

Because there's a vast range of hilts that one can create saber smith or an installer that can create thousands of millions of different variations of hilts and when you throw in the custom saber shop and different saber part stores. I mean you can create anything with a saber smith.


So this is only going to include sabers that you can buy from a reliable lightsaber company that's pre-installed. Every single saber that I’m going to mention is pre-installed with Neopixel Lightsabers. 

Neopixel Lightsaber
Neopixel Lightsaber

This is purely subjective, this is by no means a buyer's guide, and this is by no means an end-all-be-all definitive list on the objective. Top 10 best-looking Neopixel lightsabers, nothing like that in my opinion and these are sabers that a lot of people find very attractive. But you should know some facts before buying a Neopixel Lightsaber that I have discussed in my other post.

There are a lot of lightsaber hilt designs that I’m probably leaving off of this list and some that I’m missing. Once you realize how many lightsabers there are out there then you'll realize, why I’m missing a lot of maybe your favorite designs or something like that keep in mind this will not include. 

Because I know people are going to ask about it this will not include that company that I’ve talked about in the past because you know why if you've seen that post you know why I don't recommend them all. 

I know a lot of people come in here and say they love their hilt designs and stuff like that but I’m not going to recommend those or even talk about those in this post because of what I talked about in that post site with all that in mind. If you are determind to buy a lightsaber then you must avoiding 5 things when buying a Neopixel Lightsaber that I have discussed deeply in my other post.

Let’s get started, I’m going to count down from 10 to 1. actually I’m going to countdown from 10 to 2, and then I’m going to throw in a bonus one in there just because I can, and then I’m going to show you all number one so starting with - 

Number 10: Dark Storm

I’m going to go with Saber Mach and their Dark Storm saber. This is a very interesting design. I've covered Saber Mach and I’ve talked about Saber Mach in my post about the top five Neooixel lightsaber companies as an honorable mention in that post. They don't have a ton of range with the hilt designs; they only have a few as of right now.

Neopixel Lightsabers
Dark Storm - $379 - $848

However, this Dark Storm is one of the coolest hills that I’ve ever seen. It’s very angular, it kind of gives you that futuristic look. I hate to make this comparison but it kind of reminds me of a Tesla car that kind of helped that kind of design, that angular very cool-looking design. It’s pretty ergonomic if you own one. I’ve seen posts and pictures of people who own one and it's very comfortable it's a very nice feeling in the hands and I’ll give you links to check out these Neopixel lightsabers.

If you want to buy the best Neopixel Lightsaber under 300 dollar, you can check this link.

Number 9: LA-9 The Princess

So number one I’m going to go with the ultimate works slash 'The Pach store'       LA-9 The Princess. So this is if you haven't seen the sequel movies which I’m not going to get in a discussion about sequel movies because people either hate them or they love them and I’m not going to get in that discussion because that's not what this is a site about. But in the sequels, I don't know if it is eight or nine. You see a scene where princess Leia is in training with Luke and this is after the events of the return of the Jedi. 

Neopixel Lightsaber
LA-9 The Princess 

I believe and you only get a few brief glimpses of this saber in the movie. But it is one of the prettiest designs that I’ve seen. It’s very regal looking and ultimate works and the Pach Store has done a great job in capturing that. I have listed other saber companies in my budget Neopixel lightsaber post. Crimson dawn and Rebel sabers and some others that do carry replicas of this saber. 

However, I just find that the Pach Store ultimate works version looks. The best in my opinion, very regal looking, has a very interesting emitter with these vented windows that go all the way around that copper-bronze color. I like the look of the activation switch very much. So that is number nine on my list and if you want to check that out they are in stock right now on the Pach Store for 559 for the fully installed proffie with the Neopixel blades.

Number 8: The Lord

I’m going to go with the Pach store once again and ultima works this one is called the lord. Now, this is one of my favorite sabers since I saw it in episode two. Attack of the clones counts Dooku's saber which has a curved hilt lightsaber. I thought that was one of the coolest things ever because that design is very unique. 

Neopixel Lightsaber
The Lord

I know there are other curved hilt designs out there. But this curved hilt design with that sort of single claw that kind of goes towards the blade. I love that design as of right now the lord is sold out on the Pach Store and ultimately works on the box store's website. However, that is one of my favorite designs overall, that curved hilt, that chrome-looking finished saber that just looks amazing to me. So that's number eight now moving on to number seven.

Number 7: Evo-Flex

This one that I’ve mentioned before electrum saber crafts Evo-Flex. Now I mentioned this in my budget Neopixel lightsabers posts: electrum saber crafts is a great company and they do have a few designs. They don't have a ton of design. They are a little bit on the lower end of total designs. They only have seven eight nine something like that designs.

Neopixel Lightsaber

However, the evoflex is one of my favorites. It’s a Graflex-inspired hilt. It is not accurate to the graphics, there are creative liberties taken with this hilt, but it does look amazing and especially with the battle-scoring weathering which would be an add-on to the price. But it is a gorgeous-looking hilt. I cannot get over that design with the chip in the emitter. It’s kind of chipped off and looks like it has been worn down and weathered and it just looks great.


So that's another one that is electrum saber crafts Evo-Flex with battle scoring weathering at number seven on my list I’m moving on to number six.

Number 6: Marbled Koruku Obsidian.

I’ve also mentioned this one before in a previous post, Bendu Armory's marbled koruku obsidian saber. Now bendu armory is the only saber company that I know, if that offers Neopixel Lightsaber with a carbon fiber chassis and hilt another attraction to bendu armory is. They have their mark 2 sentry quick swaps core chassis design. The thing that allows you to swap the chassis to different sabers and different hilts is very cool and it's pretty revolutionary in my opinion.

Neopixel Lightsaber

However, this marbled Koruku obsidian hilt design is gorgeous. Koruku just means cork in Japanese. So it has that marbled look as you'd see from a marble countertop or something like that. It has that marble look but with the cork feel it is gorgeous. I’m not sure if it's made of cork or not but it is very interesting and it is a semi-curved hilt design just like the lord from the Pach Store and ultimate works.

There are lots of people who are fans of this lightsaber. You know Megan Benoit is also a very fan of this lightsaber. She is the daughter of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit. You can check her Biography from

So that is a great option. This is one of my favorites hence why it's on this list and in this post now moving on to number five.


Number 5: Star Killer

I mentioned in my most recent post that the budget Neopixel lightsabers are the Vader’s vault star killer. Now if you haven't played the force unleashed or watched anything or seen anything from the force unleashed, this is a star killer replica saber with crystal reveal and this is one of the prettiest hilts that I’ve ever seen. Hence why it costs 600 dollars. 

I believe it is their original hilt and it kind of got them popular and Vader’s vault would not be where it is today without the star killer hilt. Their version of the star killer hilt is stunning. I love this Neopixel Lightsaber, if I had the coin to drop on that saber I definitely would do it. This is a showpiece. I would never duel with this thing but this is a stunning hilt design from Vader’s vault and you'll know how I feel about Vader’s vault. An outstanding company, definitely go check them out and the rest of their sabers. Now moving on to number four.

Number 4: MW2-V2

This is one that I have not mentioned before, this is the Korbanth v2. So mw2 I’m not talking about the call of duty modern warfare 2 although that is a great game this is the mace windu 2. Because if you realize in the first movie, the phantom menace he has is like a silver basic-looking saber hilt. There’s a close-up shot at the very end of the movie but in the attack of the clones and revenge of the sith. 

He has a different-looking saber with that kind of t-track-looking design, similar to what the Graflex has and the golden accents. 

There’s a name for the golden accents, can't remember what it's called but it's like a certain material that is only granted to Jedi masters or something like that. I can't remember what it's called but there is that design and this is one of my favorite designs. And when you pair this with the purple color blade and that sort of reflection that the blade has off of that chrome finish and that gold finish in a dark room. It’s stunning.


This mw2 v2, this is the second version of Korbanth mace Windu hilt and this is the replica from episodes two and three attacks of the clones and revenge of the sith and this is stunning. I say that about every saber on this list because these are gorgeous Neopixel Lightsabers and they deserve to be highlighted, which is why I’m making this post. 

So if you are interested in that go check that out, I’m not sure if it's in stock right now. Korbanth brought it back in stock for a limited time as you know. I’ve mentioned in the past that quarterbacks do these limited runs on their sabers and they only allow a certain amount of orders before they go out of stock. But they did restock these for a little while last week or the week before. So definitely go check that out if you're interested. Now moving on to three.

Number 3: Reaver


This is shockingly my favorite Neopixel lightsaber company, my top lightsaber company. As I've mentioned many times, this is their only entry on this list for me and it's not a saber that you can get stuck. You have to ask them to make it for you or ask them to make this custom edition. It’s the Sabertrio Reaver with silver claws. 

Now the Sabertrio Reaver comes stocked with these black claws as you can see on their website and on Google images and stuff like that and most people that have the Reaver had the black claws. 

However, I did notice this picture on the aura lightsaber subreddit and I fell in love with this design. Sabertrio is so good with their customer service and their manufacturing that they will opt to do this for you. If you ask them about the silver claws it just gives more of a balanced feel to the overall hilt design not to say that the black claws don't look good they do look good they look very good. 

However, I just feel like with those silver accents on those claws it just puts this one over the top and I just love this design. It looks stunning. So that is number three on my list. The Sabertrio Reaver with custom silver claws. You’d have to ask Sabertrio to do that for you and move on to number two.

Number 2: Stunt v2

This one that I have is the Korbanth or 89 sabers or whoever is the hilt partner of the Korbanth stunt v2 weather. Now I mentioned in my post about this Neopixel Lightsaber which you can go check out that this was the first lightsaber that I ever saw in a star wars movie. It was the first scene that I ever saw which was Luke Skywalker and the Sarlacc pit saving Han Solo and Leia and all of them in the desert. It was this exact hilt which I’ll link. 

The background behind this hilt and the background behind actually like all of the canon hilts in the movies. And how they're different versions of the hilts for the props that are used in the movies. What you see on the screen is there are different versions. There's a hero version and this is stunt v2 version and there's a shared stunt version. 

All this different stuff is my favorite and the first one that I ever saw was the ls stunt v2, with a certain switch plate design with the clamp instead of the arrows. With the two black buttons, my favorite was the clamp. With that different switch plate and that weathered finish. This is my favorite version of Luke’s hilt that I saw in the movies and my favorite version that I’ve seen from any store. 

That weathering effect that it gives that silvery black finish instead of on the neck, there's that copper finish. I love the copper finish or that pewter whatever color that is on the neck, I love that finish but this design is my favorite of those Lucas stunt versions. Now moving on to instead of number one on my list I’m going to throw in a bonus. 

Bonus: ID 7 from Inspira 

This is not a production saber. This isn't one that you can buy outright from a saber company. I mentioned that in the beginning. This is the one exception on this list and in this post. This is one that I didn't even know existed until I watched a video from my boy Benji which I mentioned in my previous post. Please go check out Benji's site at Nerf Herder Customs. 

So I discovered this hilt, the one that I’m about to mention from Benji. I started doing some research into it and it's stunning. I wish I could get this but from what I understand, it's sold out and it was a limited run. Anyway and it's not a huge Neopixel Lightsaber company, it's kind of I think it's just one guy that makes these. This is the ID 7 from Inspira designs.

However, this is a unique-looking hilt with that curved emitter with that slanted emitter with those four windows in the emitter. It has that thin neck design as well it has a very basic comfortable-looking grip section. It has a D-ring, it has a cool-looking pommel and it has that sort of cross-bridge-looking section, in the middle section near the thin neck. 

I’ve never seen that before. It has what looks like a screw or something that's holding it and that's a very unique design in my opinion. I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s just very unique and this is one of the only sabers that I’ve seen that can pull off that kind of look. 

Now there are a bunch of different hilt designs out there, that you can strap one of those little screw things that have that bridge across the thing. And I don't think it would look as good as this. Is this just absolutely stunning from what I know, this was a limited run limited time thing and these aren't being sold wholesale for the public anymore? But I could be wrong in that, just go check out Inspira's design and see what they got cooking but that is one of my favorite designs.


If that was a production series saber I would include it as number one on my list. But because it's not a production series saber, I just threw this as a bonus slash honorable mention. But in my heart, this is my favorite hilt that I’ve ever seen for a custom Neopixel lightsaber.


Number 1: Fallen V2

So number one and I’ve mentioned them twice on this list before and I hope you don't think I’m just partial to this company. But it is the Korbanth slash 89 sabers fallen v2. This is a giaro to paul calculus Jedi has fallen order saber as the name suggests, this is I believe made through 89 sabers. 

However let me mention something real quick, do not buy directly from 89 sabers. Don’t do it, there are posts, there are stories out there about sabers and concerning actual paying customers, compared to how they are with Neopixel lightsaber companies and their partners. Don’t buy directly from 89 sabers

Buy from someone who installs their hilts. Because their hilts are great, but 89 sabers customer service and their business practices concerning their actual customers are very bad and I’m not going to delve deep into that. Because that's not the point of this post, the point of this post is just to look at the best-looking Neopixel lightsaber hilts. 

The fallen v2, I fell in love with this design just like the ID7 from Inspira designs, because of Benji over there at Nerf Herder Customs. I believe the original fallen from 89 sabers, the fallen kit, and the fallen v2, and I agree with them that the fallen V2 just looks amazing. With that weathered effect, you can get it all cleaned up and polished and pretty but the weathered effect on there is just gorgeous. It has that damaged pommel section in the grip section and I feel like this is one of the more accurate versions of this hilt on the market. 

There are more accurate versions out there, what’s called Darth kupa. If y'all know him, many know who Darth Koopa Island is. They know his site he does have and I believe what is the most accurate fault Jenna fallen ordered is that he has one that is being shipped to him. So once he gets that saber indefinitely go check out his post because I’m sure it's going to be great poop is a great guy. So the 89 sabers fallen v2 while it may not be the 100% most accurate version on the market. But it is fully a Neopixel lightsaber. 

It’s my favorite inversion on the market. Especially when it's weathered and dirty and gritty and has that damaged pommel. 

If you go check out Benji over a Nerf Herder Customs, he has those hilts and he does his finishing touches on them which make it look even better in my opinion. But these base hilt still look very good. So with all that being said, I hope what you take from this post is not an objective list at all, this is subjective. This is just my opinions and formulated opinions from other people's opinions and how they like their hilts and all that kind of stuff. 

These are from trusted companies except 89 sabers that don't buy directly from them but from one of their resellers and people that install their hilts. Don’t buy directly from 89 sabers and this is just meant to be fun. Please don't take this too seriously. Please don't attack me for saying “oh why didn't you say this one or why didn't you say this one or why did you say this one in comparison to that one”. Whatever the place, please don't get mad at me. This is just my opinion. I'm allowed to have my opinions and I just thought this would appeal to a lot of you. 

There are some cheap Neopixel lightsaber companies you can check out.

These are Neopixel Lightsaber that I find very attractive and I hope that you find them very attractive as well. So with all that being said thank you all so much.

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