What should I look for when buying a Neopixel Lightsaber?

Hello everybody and welcome back to this saber-related website. I want to write about the top five things to avoid when buying a Lightsaber, especially a Neopixel Lightsaber. Before I do that I just want to say the nature of this article unfortunately will probably be pretty negative and we’ll have much less of the positive content that you're accustomed to seeing on the site. But I feel that it's really necessary to give you (the visitor) and someone who’s buying a Neopixel Lightsabers or interested in buying Lightsabers the full picture so that you can make an informed decision. 

And I also made a post "TOP 10 Attractive Neopixel Lightsaber". So you can check this post and i guarantee  you, those 10 lightsaber is unique, attractive and best-looking in the world.

Neopixel Lightsaber
Neopixel Lightsaber

Apologize if I make you tired because there are certain things that I’m going to be mentioning that I need to be incredibly concise about this in which I’m going to mince words at all and you'll see why later in the post.

So let's start with the top five things to avoid when buying a Neopixel Lightsaber.

  • The First, would be electronics installs and their fancy confusing lingo.
  • Second, you see a whole lot of overpriced sabers.
  • Third, glowingly positive reviews for saber companies which is something that we need to talk about, and then the
  • The Fourth, thing is the big-name search engine optimized stores and stores throughout these Instagram ads and about the actual quality so four and five will kind of go hand in hand and you'll see what I’m talking about once I get to them.
  • The Fifth will be buyer's remorse for your saber.

If you want a piece of deep knowledge about Lightsaber or Neopixel Lightsaber or Neopixel Lightsaber companies, I suggest reading the full article. This article helps you by giving information and helps to pick the right Lightsaber for you. So let’s go in deep.

Electronics installs

So next up is electronics installed and that fancy confusing lingo that they use. One of the most common things that I see is that people are getting confused and questioning both here and on Reddit is like -

• What does v3 soundboard mean?

• What do 9 watts LED mean?

• What does RGB mean?

• Does that mean it's only a red, green, or blue Neopixel CFX Profile?

• What does all that mean?

And look I got it when I first started in the Lightsaber hobby and started researching things. It was like a new language to me and after spending some serious time and I feel like that I now have a pretty good grasp of what many of those things mean. 

I do understand that a lot of the times some of the lingo or the wording can be either a bit confusing or a bit misleading on the part of the company. A while back I posted an article called beginner's guide to buying Neopixel Lightsabers which is meant to be a starting point for those that are looking to understand some of the languages that are commonly used by Lightsaber stores and by those in the community. If you haven't read that and you'd like to better understand some of the things that I mentioned frequently on this post in regards to beginner guide to understand  the Lightsaber technology and definitions.

Click on that above link and open that article in a new tab and go see that or you can see that later whatever you want to do. Because that article clears up some questions that you may have. That's not a fully exhaustive article by any means. 

There are enough terms out there that relate to Lightsabers and especially Neopixel Lightsaber technology. That could fill up hours of articles and that's just a basic guide and some common questions and misconceptions regarding some of this confusing lingo and these words that make no sense to a lot of people.

When they first see them, the first thing that I recommend to do before pulling the trigger on a Lightsaber, when you have questions on their electronics is to find an article showing what it does or at least post a question to either a Lightsaber community, to the store, to the Lightsaber company itself or even to me. 

I love answering all your questions and if I can't accurately answer your question. I’m at least going to refer you to someone who can so don't be afraid to ask there are no stupid questions.

Now, this ties into something that I’ll mention later in the article but read out for seeing saber electronics in promoted articles. Try to look for just regular people here on YouTube or Facebook or somewhere that shows off what the Lightsaber and that electronic configuration can do. It's hard to find unbiased opinions sometimes and that is another thing that I’ll mention later.

Some of the common questions such as what is stunt Saber? what is FX Saber? and What is neopixel or plector or pixel Saber? Pretty simple to answer is stunt sabers have no sound, FX sabers do have sound, and neo or plector or pixels Saber have sound and are very bright which is Neopixel Lightsaber. Because of the blade that has hundreds of LEDs inside of it. Instead of just like the FX sabers and the stunt sabers they have one to three LEDs inside the hilt that shine up through the blade RGB.

The Lightsaber community refers to the same definition as in the computer gaming and peripheral or lighting communities; it just means color-changing capability. My Pach store shiva is a single-color stunt saber, meaning it can only be green. You can buy it in blue and red as well but the one that I have is only green making it not an RGB saber. My crimson dawn shrike can change blade colors which means it is an RGB saber or Neopixel Lightsaber. So that's just the difference.

I know some people have been asking that recently the whole 9 watts, 12 watts LED thing is a bit blown out of proportion and it's not as important as you think. It is how some saber companies make it out to be for marketing purposes when you're looking for an in-hilt LED saber.

The more important thing you should be looking for is single Cree versus tri-Cree not LED wattages. Single Cree means that there is a single LED, tri-Cree means there are three LEDs which is pretty simple; the 9 watt and 12-watt thing is just a measure of how much power is going to the LED. And it's not an objective measure of how bright the blade looks to you in person and on camera. That's not really what that means. High wattage Neopixel lightsabers are dimmer than tri-Cree sabers, and the overall brightness and color disparity are also dependent on the quality of the blade and its diffusion. 

If you have a glossy blade sometimes it doesn't look as good as the sanded-down blades. The color sometimes isn't as diffused as well and the light isn't as diffused as well as the sanded blade. So it kind of just depends on an amalgamation of things to make up that one term that we call brightness.

In the future, I’d like to do a comparison between the different types of lighting styles and sabers so you can see what I mean. Once again if you don't understand what something means see my article about the Lightsaber definitions. You know, ask the saber company on the Lightsaber subreddit or ask me if we'll all be willing to help you if we can.

Overpriced Neopixel Lightsabers

So this next one is where it starts getting a little heated, we're going to talk about overpriced sabers. In my articles about Dark Wolf Sabers and Crimson Dawn, I mentioned that there are advantages and disadvantages to buying from saber resellers.

In that case, we're talking about LGT saber studios resellers. The one thing people are a bit hesitant about with companies like that is price. Because you saw the same saber for cheaper elsewhere. Now, this is another thing that I’ll mention later in the article and a different point but there are some trustworthy budget saber companies and there are some non-trustworthy budget saber companies.

If you saw the same saber elsewhere for cheaper you likely saw it on another reseller store. If you want the cheapest price for those sabers, buy them directly from LGT super studio on AliExpress. Once again I mentioned in my dark wolf Lightsabers article about the advantages and disadvantages to doing that. So right-click on this link-up there in the corner and check out that article for more on that.

The whole same saber business only applies to the LGT resellers as there aren't many mass-produced Neopixel Lightsaber companies that have their sabers sold to the same extent and these sabers can be found all over the place. If you'd like to see what you should be paying for their sabers check the official store and compare that to what you'd be paying with a reseller. If it's more than double the price with the reseller or it's marketed as something more advanced than it is, that's false advertising and is not a good value.

LGT clearly explains the full extent of their different tiers of sabers and they expect their partners to do this keyword expect. I’ll mention more on that in a little bit and that's a massive part of this article. So stick around for that realistically, you can't put a perfect definitive price range on certain electronics tiers and sabers. But usually, single Cree stunt sabers with no sound shouldn't be costing you more than 150 dollars with shipping included. If it is, it's a terrible value and should be avoided.

Tri-Cree sabers are typically a bit more expensive than single crusaders. So that's something that I’m not going to put a price range on basic effects sabers with basic soundboard keywords. Here basic FX and the basic soundboard should not be costing more than 300 us dollars. Even if it is, it's a terrible value and should be avoided.

There are highly advanced FX Neopixel Lightsabers that are outfitted with crystal focus 10 or Profile boards. Like I mentioned in previous articles that can cost hundreds of dollars less than basic FX sabers with decent or poor soundboards from certain companies. So be aware that Neopixel Lightsabers are kind of a whole different ball game. So the price range for that is kind of all over the place like I mentioned in recent articles. So check out my site for recommendations on Neopixel Lightsabers that come in all price ranges all in. When you finally nail down that saber that you're about to buy and you nail down that it's a fair price with the rest of the supermarket, make sure to ask yourself, am I going to play with this enough?

To justify spinning this much look I saved up for quite some time to buy my Sabertrio Vectra Neopixel Lightsaber and had I not done that you wouldn't be reading this article right now and I wouldn't even have this site. So don't get discouraged because something is expensive. Work hard to save your money.

If you want something special from a trustworthy seller, also keep in mind that the phrase you get what you pay for doesn't always apply in the saber community as I’ve mentioned. It’s widely known that some Neopixel Lightsaber companies charge exorbitant prices for underwhelming or poor electronics installs and capabilities and some companies charge extremely low prices for high tax sabers. So if you don't know if something is worth what you're about to pay for asking me I’d be willing to help.

So here's where the real controversy starts and the next two points I'm going to make are some that I didn't plan to have to talk about again in this article but I feel that I have to know that I’ve gained a larger following.

Glowingly Positive Reviews

So let's start with Neopixel Lightsaber that has these glowingly positive reviews and before I start let me mention something incredibly important and a bit of legal stuff that I have discussed. So part of this is going to be a little bit robotic, how I say this because I have to read legal things. 

Now if you've been reading my post for a while, what I may have just said about these glowingly positive reviews may sound a bit hypocritical to some people.

At first, on this site, I tend to give Sabertrio a glowingly positive review by definition and while that may be the case it is true. I do tend to give Sabertrio a glowingly positive review and I’ve yet to see anyone have a serious negative experience with them or with their sabers. And I thoroughly love their Neopixel Lightsaber and I love the company. They have great sabers which are widely known in this community and their pricing is great, relative to the pricing of the competitors with similar tech and their customer service is also widely known as the absolute best and they're fully transparent with everything they do. Which is exactly what you want with customer service.

Don't just take my word for it, do some more research, look at the Lightsaber subreddit and you'll see exactly what I’m talking about. Don’t just take one man's word for it. Because if you do then you're messing up that being said.

At the time of writing this article not once have I ever been approached by Sabertrio in this regard nor have I ever actively sought out being sponsored by them. I’m not under their employ nor have I been contacted by them to persuade my visitors to buy from them. They have in retrospect shown their gratitude towards me for helping people understand certain things about their sabers and introducing new people to Saber Trio but not once have they compensated men or even asked me to do that. 

I love answering questions for them. I know that their customer service team is always swamped, because of the number of people that are interested in them and they're trying their hardest to answer all these questions. But sometimes they miss a few questions or they can't get to a few questions.

So I help them out. It's as simple as that when you ask questions on my site, sometimes other people help out. It’s the same thing, this is all of my own volition of my own free will.

If you're unaware of the federal communications commission or the FCC they require all those that are sponsored by or under the employee of a company to state that they are being compensated when they're promoting a product. I’m not stupid enough to lie about whether or not I’m employed by a saber company I’m not that stupid.

So per the FCC's web section 317 of the communications act, of1934 as amended 47 USC section 317 requires broadcasters to disclose to their listeners or viewers. If the matter has been aired in exchange for money services or other valuable considerations the announcement must be aired when the subject matter is broadcast the commission has adopted.

A rule 47 CFR section 73.1212 which sets forth the broadcaster's responsibilities to make this sponsorship identification section 507 of the communications act 47 USC section 508 requires that when anyone provides or promises to provide money services or other consideration to someone to include program matter and or broadcast that fact must be disclosed in advance of the broadcast.

Ultimately to the station over which the matter is to be aired both the person providing or promising to provide the money services or other consideration and the recipient are obligated to make this disclosure. So that the station may broadcast the sponsorship identification announcement required by section 317 of the communications act.

Failure to disclose such payment or the providing of services or other consideration promised to provide them is commonly referred to as payola and is punishable by a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisonment for not more than one year or both these criminal penalties bring violations within the purview of the department of justice. So this originally applied to radio hosts as you can see this is from 1934, but it still stands today but it's since expanded to television and content creators as well.

So for example when you see a commercial on TV that's about an auto injury attorney and shows client testimonials. Those are usually paid actors or they're at least actual clients that were compensated for their appearance in the commercial. If that's the case then that must either be shown in the fine print in the commercial? Usually at the bottom of the commercial or at least stated in the commercial. if not they're subject to legal action and those testimonials or reviews must be honest and truthful and not coerced by the company or who they're representing but you know how that goes the whole reason.

Search Engine Optimization Store

Now it's time for my final point which is Search Engine Optimization Store, which ties in with what I just mentioned and things that I’ve mentioned in the past which is big-name companies and their quality and how their search engine optimization Instagram and promoted ads and stealing contents as I’ve mentioned in my original article about ultra-sabers.

The first thing that pops up on Google when you search Neopixel Lightsaber, is Ultra sabers, the second Saber forge, then you scroll down and you can finally see where the Lightsaber's definition is.

Both Ultra sabers and Saber forge pay an unreal amount of money every year to Google to promote their web. however, ultra sabers pay way more do me a favor search Saber Trio on Google then go to the shopping tab and tell me what you see disgusting go to YouTube and search other saber companies ultra-saber still pops up on ads the most insane things that Ultra sabers are.

So unbelievably adamant about being on top that you can search saber forge under the Google shopping tab, which is their direct competitor and has been for a long time and you'll still see ultra-sabers. That’s the definition of insecurity not to mention ultra-sabers employees make eight dollars an hour and are working forced overtime and seven days a week and emery Harris is spending thousands of dollars every year on ads to dissuade you from even clicking another company to determine that as you will incredibly immoral this only happened recently.

I even Googled my name on a new web browser and a different computer so I know that there was no cookies involved or any kind of thing crossing over between search engines and all that kind of stuff and an ultra-sabers ad came up first you cannot make this up they're trying to search engine optimize themselves over me and by using my brand name which I will sue for. If they don't take that down, that was not there before I made my first article about them, which is a disgusting abuse of funds for a company.

Now moving on from the absolute dumpster fires of a saber company that both ultra-sabers and saber forge are, there has been a recent trend of using Instagram and sometimes tech talks to promote Neopixel Lightsaber companies quoted companies. I've seen quite a few myself as well as screenshots and stories from another one of these companies is called locks tow lox do I have first-hand experience with this as I saw their ads come across my own personal Instagram feed and I instantly called by their ad was an article compilation of a ton of Lightsaber clip from different companies and different content creators and was unbelievably fake.

however, there are a lot of people out there that don't know that and give them their money anyway their and used clips from actual Lightsaber sparring tournaments like huge sparring tournaments in shows clips of Darth Koopa using a Saber Trio Reaver Neopixel Lightsaber and a bunch of other clips that have nothing to do with their product and one of my articles I can't remember which one had a huge three-day spike in traffic source for YouTube searches.

So what that means is that I can look at analytics and see how people got to my article and in this particular article I can't remember which one it was. A lot of people somehow got my article into my site by searching lockstown Lightsaber, which leads me to believe they're still actively scamming people to avoid them. Another one that I’ve seen is dynamic sabers which appear to be another LAB retailer.

however, they're one of the least reputable abhorrent customer service overpriced and untrustworthy avoid them as well and by the same sabers for cheaper on some of the other reseller's webs or from LG themselves like I’ve mentioned in previous articles there are hundreds of other scamming Neopixel Lightsaber companies out there. But there's one in particular that I wanted to mention and that's dx sabers. They’re one of the worst attempts at a scam I’ve seen in a long time. They’re owned by one of the scmies than beings that I’ve ever seen, Paul dog Ramji jr threatened to sue saber sourcing, which is one of the largest lightsaber saber-related sites here on youtube. 

She's the operator of a reputable saber news blog web on the grounds of libel slander defamation and although she has done nothing but report and relay public information which is the same thing as I’m doing now so don't even try me paul. I’ll link in the description the full saber sourcing article about saber and I promise you that it will likely make you sick to your stomach. Saber sourcing got all the receipts. So there's no weaseling out of that if you're Paul there are even more Reddit posts that show how unbelievably disgusting Paul Island is. I encourage you to check those out.

Buyer's remorse

So first off is buyer's remorse for your saber. I wanted to start with buyer's remorse for a very specific reason, especially in regards to some things that were misinterpreted on my site and in my articles about the company that you shouldn't buy from which you should know what I’m talking about and I’ll discuss that later in this post some of the things that I said were like greatly misinterpreted even to the point where grown men decided to talk trash about me on a for and lie about how I made that articles to shame the people who bought sabers from that company including like teenagers and parents who bought these for their kids and how that I said that they should look at their sabers as trash now.

That’s a blatant lie and not at all what I said nor even implied. I even mentioned multiple times throughout that post that if you don't know then you don't know, if you didn't know at the time then you didn't know at the time in regards to that company's practices. And how they install sabers I’ve mentioned on this site, the Neopixel Lightsaber and advanced soundboards, and all these other things. don't matter to some people they just want a glow stick with or without sound and I’m 100 percent cool with that never once have I said, “Hey guys if you own XYZ company's saber you should throw it away and wallow in sadness and shame for eternity because I am some all-knowing being who's superior to you and you're stupid and you should be ashamed of yourself for buying them” never have I ever said that, never have I even come close to implying that.

This hobby is meant to be fun and bringing politics into it and accusing me and my fellow Lightsaber Youtubers of bashing customers is just stupid and it's completely inaccurate. I genuinely take offense to that as it both negatively affects my brand and it's an incredibly weak attempt at undermining what I’ve worked hard for by ruining my reputation apart from that people can like whatever they want. I mentioned that in the post as well that if you enjoy your saber from that company fine who am I to take that away from you. I get a ton of visitors on my site that are very new to the Lightsaber game and some of them are simply looking for very simple sabers.

For example, I reviewed ‘The Pach Store’ Shiva which is a 39 extremely well-made stunt saber for a lot of people that's all they want or can afford, the crimson dawn strike that I’ve reviewed in a previous post that's all they want or can afford and guess what that's fine with me. The posts that I’ve been making recently are meant to shine a light on trustworthy companies and are meant to provide you with more options than just the commonly known ones, which is another topic I'll talk about later in this post.

So please don't feel bad because you own a saber from a company that I don't personally like or recommend, don't feel bad that you enjoy them, that's your saber and you can enjoy it as much as you want. I cannot take that joy away from you. So please if you're reading my post and that's what you're trying to take from this is that, I’m trying to bash you please don't think that because that's not even close to what I’m trying to get at. 

I’m just trying to protect you, I’m trying to protect other visitors, I’m trying to protect these kids that are wanting Lightsabers, I’m trying to protect the parents that are getting scammed. That's the point I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you have one already and I’m not trying to shame you into thinking that what you bought is bad. That's not even close to what I’m trying to show.

This one is long overdue. Please keep an open mind when reading, I know that it is a long article, but it is needed. This article is not sponsored by or against any Neopixel Lightsaber Company or person mentioned in this article.


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