What is Xenopixel? Difference between Xenopixel and Neopixel Lightsaber.

What is Xenopixel?

The word Xenopixel is made of two words Xeno refers to the Soundboard ‘Xeno V2’ and Pixel refers to the ‘Neopixel blade’.

Xenopixel is a kind of term used for a lightsaber called Xenopixel Lightsaber or Xeno V2. It is firstly introduced by the Chinese lightsaber company called LGT. Xenopixel is basically related to a cheap lightsaber soundboard.

Xenopixel is a newer pixel format that uses less power and is less expensive than traditional pixels. This weapon can produce more colors and more effects then the general lightsaber. More importantly it uses same amount of power. Neopixels are similar to xenopixels, but use more power and are more expensive.

What is a Xenopixel Lightsaber?

Xenopixel Lightsaber
Xenopixel Lightsaber

A Xenopixel Lightsaber is a kind of Lightsaber that is made with a Xeno V2 soundboard and a Neopixel blade is made with a Proffie Sound board. The soundboard is what differentiates the Xenopixel Lightsabers and Neopixel Lightsabers. Xeno V2 soundboard is a hybrid soundboard that is very cheap from Proffie, CFX, or Golden Harvest soundboard.

So, obviously, the title of this article is Neopixel/Proffie vs. Xenopixel. This also applies to the CFX and golden harvest hysteria, as well as other higher-tier soundboards. Because those soundboards allow you to do things that the Xenopixel v2 soundboard does not.

Short difference between Xenopixel vs Neopixel

  • Xenopixel lightsaber is not programmable, but Neopixel Lightsaber is programmable.
  • Xenopixel has a limited blade ignition style where neopixel has no limit.
  • Smooth swing of Xenopixel is not much better like Neopixel.
  • Xenopixel depends on LGT for updates, but Neopixel does not.
  • Xenopixel is very cheap, whereas the neopixel lightsaber is very expensive.

So I wanted to write this brief blog simply to go over the essential elements of what the differences are. To understand what you get and what you don't get with Xenopixel.

That is something you could do with the Proffie, Golden Harvest, CFX, and other high-end soundboards. First and foremost, where did you buy your Xenopixel v2?

So let's know details about the difference between Xenopixel vs Neopixel.

1. Open Sourced Soundboard.

Neopixel Lightsaber is holding the Proffie soundboard. Proffie is an open-source soundboard. What does that mean? It means that anyone can develop it. It’s open source and development is encouraged with open source hardware and software. So anyone can develop that to make use of it. However, they see fit. A lot of the coding needs to be developed.

On the other hand Xenopixel Lightsaber is holding its own Xeno V2 soundboard. It is not an open source board. It’s completely closed. What does it mean? When it comes to adding blade styles and things like that? You cannot do it as you can add essentially as many custom blade styles to the Proffie as you want. However much they can onboard memory, which will allow.

 2. Blade Style.

In the Neopixel it has a pre-installed blade style but you can choose more or you can add a new style.

With the Xenopixel however, there are very limited pre-installed blade styles. I think there are five or six as well as pre-installed ignition styles, but you do get a bunch a good variety of ignition kinds of styles as well.

3. Sound Fonts

They both are capable of adding custom sound fonts. But Xeno has a few limitations in that case.

From Kyber phonic and Kseth and Grayscale and Phoenix and Jaylorian and all these kinds of great font makers. You can buy sound fonts from their websites and you know both of these soundboards will be fully compatible with those.  

 4. Gesture Controls

In terms of gesture controls as well both of these soundboards are fully compatible with gesture controls. They do have to be programmed.

I think we had a new rainbow blade recently come out as well as gesture control. So the lights have a swing twist off thrust on and you can go into the Config on the Xenopixel Sd card and you can fine-tune all of these kinds of gesture controls as well as the volume.

5. Software Update

I said a little bit earlier that the Xenopixel board isn't programmable the same way that the Proffie board is, however LGT and Dark Wolf do bring out updates regularly. We’re currently on the fifth update and these updates bring different blade styles. They both have updatable software.

 6. Budget Option

Proffie is usually the more expensive option. You can sometimes pick them up second-hand on sale for not much more than as you know Xenopixel v2. But they are usually far more expensive than what the Xenopixel v2 is.

The Xenopixel v2 is a budget option. You’re going to get Neopixel is a huge thing for people these days. If they buy a Lightsaber, most people if they're not dueling with them, they want a Neopixel Lightsaber. I am not saying that Neopixel is not good for dueling. I just personally wouldn’t do it myself.

More to know about Xenopixel Lightsaber

a) The Xenopixel board does have regular updates coming from LGT and Dark Wolf and they're very simple to apply.

b) When it comes to custom sabers, to be honest guys last but not least, Proffie has a top-tier soundboard, Xenopixel is probably the top-tier soundboard you can get regarded by many purely.

c) If you buy Xenopixel Lightsaber you are going to get neopixel blade as well you're going to get gesture controls, you’re going to get updates periodically from LGT, you can add custom sound fonts, you’ve got pre-installed blade styles, you’ve got pre-installed ignition styles.

My Suggestion whether to buy Neopixel or Xenopixel Lightsaber

If you are the type of person that wants full control over your experience go Proffie or CFX or go golden harvest or something like that. If you want a good experience and you're not too bothered by exactly what extent you can customize, the Xenopixel v2 is the perfect option.

It is very cheap in terms of what you get and a Lightsaber package. You can add the gesture controls to windows software, you can add any sound fonts that you want to and you’re getting Neopixel as well. Those are the main differences between these two soundboards.

I am fully aware that not everyone wants to go and spend four five six seven eight hundred dollars or pounds for that matter on a Lightsaber not that many people actually can.

If you are in that camp or if you don't feel the need to do that, the Xenopixel v2 fantastic budget option is probably the best budget Neopixel option.

There are also some cheapest Neopixel Lightsaber, you can go also for. But Xenopixel obviously can compete with them. 

I hope that has cleared up or tried to help at least start to clear up the differences between Proffie and Xenopixel. I think I have pretty much all the major points there between those two boards.  

They are two very different soundboard guys. This article is aimed at people who are looking to get into the community and they might see this soundboard. That soundboard is important for making me wonder what the differences I’ve made. This article is purely for those people the reason being.

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