Best stunt lightsaber: High quality stunt lightsaber for Duelling.

Dueling with lightsabers has become a global sensation for Star Wars enthusiasts and those searching for a new activity or pastime to participate in.

It's simple to envision the market being overrun with many designs of lightsabers, each with its own distinct set of attributes, as dueling grows in popularity.

There are different types of lightsabers. For example, lightsaber toys, Empty Lightsabers, Stunt Lightsaber, Standard FX Lightsaber., String blade FX Lightsaber, and Neopixel Lightsabers.

What is a Stunt Lightsaber?

A stunt Lightsaber is a lightsaber used for dueling, spinning, and flow arts for beginners. This cheap lightsaber has only the colorful lights of the blade. Some have sound, and some have not. It does not have any proffie soundboard that has a smooth swing and is not a pixel blade.

Lightsabers aren't all the same. It's the same with lightsaber duelists. When it comes to severe dueling, several duelists are willing to invest in stunt lightsabers designed explicitly for the task. Novices on a shoestring who want to develop a flavor for lightsaber battling are among the others.

Whether in the lightsaber dueling career, you're sure to find something here that's both within your reach and your price range.

High-quality stunt lightsaber for sale: Our Top 5 Picks

Obi-Wan Stunt Lightsaber: Best for Light to Medium Dueling

Obi Wan Stunt Lightsaber
Obi-Wan Stunt Lightsaber

It's among the most costly lightsaber replicas on the marketplace since it's a duplicate of some of the most fantastic beloved Star Wars characters' lightsabers. Due to its versatility, it's an attractive choice for light duels or for acquiring.

This lightsaber is designed for collectors rather than duelists and comes with an excellent display stand. Realistic illumination and audio effects adorn the blade, which measures an impressive 44.88 inches in total length.

This lightsaber's standard is outstanding, but it isn't perfect for dueling since the LED lamps are vulnerable to going out when used in severe dueling, according to reviews.

This Black Series sword is an excellent choice if you like to cosplay and collect. The lightsaber's solid grip, although not optimal for battling, provides the lightsaber with extra weight, enhancing the blade's stability.



Good for collectors

Not suitable for heavy battling

Good for cosplayers


efx luke skywalker stunt lightsaber: Light to medium dueling

efx luke skywalker stunt lightsaber

You can channel the legendary Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano with the Lukidy 2Pack, among the cheap stunt lightsaber options for customizing your lightsabers.

Additionally, the sabers may be combined into a double-edged sword, allowing you to channel your internal Darth Maul in the process. You may use the Lukidy 2Pack to generate a new lightsaber each time you duke it out and a twin saber option.

12 hues, three sound effects, and a simple installation make this lightsaber one of the most flexible on the market.

Despite its lower pricing, this lightsaber's durability, affordability, and component quality were lauded by reviewers.

Lukidy lightsabers, according to reviewers, aren't as strong as other lightsabers, and merely light roleplaying has damaged these sabers.




Not suitable for event medium dueling

Lite duel

Easy to install

Diy stunt lightsaber: For Medium Dueling

Price: $43 Check on liExpress

Diy stunt lightsaber
Diy stunt lightsaber

Multiple characteristics, such as the capability to join two swords and flash when they meet, make this lightsaber the perfect choice for cheap custom stunt lightsaber options.

To get the most out of the lightsaber at the lowest possible cost, go no farther than CVCSER. It's even great if you want to push their battling to another level since it's so large.

The lightsaber can alter between 12 different blade tints and nine different audio effects, including five different styles of music. This CVCSER FX's impressive reach extends to almost 44 inches.

According to the manufacturer, the CYCSER FX Dueling Saber is not recommended for usage by anybody under the age of 18.




Not suitable for all ages

Huge customization options


Obi-wan Kenobi stunt lightsaber replica: Solid Dueling Lightsaber

obi wan kenobi stunt lightsaber replica
obi wan a Kenobi stunt lightsaber replica

This lightsaber isn't quite as durable as the X-TREX Black Series lightsaber, but it can handle moderate-to-heavy duels just fine. It may be customized in the same way.

In addition to being kid-friendly and ideal for teenagers and adults, the X-TREX E15 lightsaber also has a strong dueling edge that can survive carnage.

The grip and blade of the X-TREX E15 Lightsaber are made of durable aluminum. It has ten good typefaces, all of which may be customized in terms of loudness and contains genuine blaster noises and flashing while clashing effects.

In addition to 12 color possibilities, the blade's 32.28-inch length allows for comprehensive customization. The blade's small weight makes it ideal for one-handed Form II-style combat.

According to several reviews, this lightsaber isn't as kid-friendly as claimed, despite its smaller weight and a bigger blade.

With its wide range of blade tints, this lightsaber is ideal for cosplay and fighting at a far lesser price than other big brands.



Best for dueling and cosplaying

Not suitable for kids


Good quality

Yuma stunt lightsaber: Heavy Stunt Lightsabers for Dualing.

Price: $119 Check on AliExpress

Yuma stunt lightsaber
Yuma stunt lightsaber

There isn't another lightsaber like it on the market. All of the other lightsabers on this list pale compared to the wealth of personalization choices offered by this X-TREX Saber Force FX Black Series.

Using a lightsaber for medium-to-heavy duels is the best option. This lightsaber stands out because of its durability. An expert lightsaber duelist who wants to take his or her hobby to the second level will find this X-TREX SABER ideal.

It has a smooth metal handle with an additional wrap-around strap for better grip. X-TREX Saber Force FX Black Series This video's unique flashing feature and realistic sound effects immerse you in the Star Wars universe.

In addition, the blades are available in 12 different colors, and an additional blade may be attached to the other side of the grip.

X-TREX SABER's loudspeakers and blinding LED styling will fool you into thinking it's a prop coming from the films, making it even more realistic.

LED lights have been the subject of several concerns, and recharging did not usually solve the problem.



Best for heavy dueling

LEDs get burnt quickly

Fully customizable


Frequently asked questions about Stunt lightsaber:

What to make stunt lightsabers out of for fighting?

Lightsabers have been an iconic weapon for decades, thanks to the Star Wars films and their cult following. When training as Jedi Padawans or Sith Apprentices in the Star Wars universe, students must build their unique lightsabers to properly learn how to utilize the Power. A group of die-hard Star Wars enthusiasts is now slugging it out with them with lightsabers.

What is the best place to buy stunt lightsabers?

Ali Express is the most excellent location to purchase a lightsaber. It contains the most options and is generally the most affordable. Amazon and other websites may also be seen. Always read customer evaluations before purchasing from a vendor to ensure you aren't being taken advantage of.

Are there any stunt lightsabers with a wooden blades?

No, there are no lightsabers with a wooden blades. Strong polycarbonate tubing is used to construct the blades, which have a film coating inside to enhance lighting.

Which one is the best stunt lightsaber with sound?

If you are looking for the best lightsabers with sound, you may look at Obi-wan Kenobi stunt lightsaber replica Black Series.

Can you mute a lightsaber?

Switch off the saber first. Holding the button will allow you to cycle between the different sound fronts (around a 3-second hold). When the saber says "something else," keep rotating. Shutdown mode.

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